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Why You Must Be the CEO when Hiring a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

23 Apr , 2016  

“Hello Agent,” gesture to well-dressed individual with brief case to sit in your selling-room, “I’m ready to sell my home.  Can you help me?”

“Yes,” smiles the smug Real Estate Agent who knows not much about your community, hasn’t ever sold a home in your neighborhood and makes the buyer the priority; personal preference.

ERRRRRRT.  Stop.  Ask the right questions.


“Hello Mr. ___. Please sit down. Have you been working in this community long?….”  Your confident self says, radiating your worth!  

“No…but I’d love to!” says the dud agent. Not good enough for me!  I’m managing my needs!  Next!  

There’s a lot of agents out there to help you sell your home.  It’s not too hard to find one, but finding the right one is another question.  Settling for the wrong agent is too easy.  

It’s like you’ve got to be the home-owner, soon-to-be-home-buyer, full-time-something, mother-sister-daughter-friend…CEO, basically!  Hope you have a huge hat rack because life asks you to take on a lot of roles, successfully at that.  

Let’s take a millennial home buyer.  They are going to have some odd set of needs on their docket.  Perhaps: 






Be your own CEO, what do you want for your company?  

Write out the questions that fit your desires and needs – think ahead! – you’ll pull farther forward. Totally lost?  Sort of lost? Would like help in the journey of unknown territory: exchanging your territory for better territory…. 

Click here to get a guide.  Get some know-how to know what’s out there for you. 

Okay, CEO, here’s some home selling mistakes to avoid.  

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An Open House Is for Home Buyers, Not Home Sellers

22 Apr , 2016  

“Uhh, How many animals have lived on this carpet,“ says the stranger in your home.

“None. Just my kids.”  You say.


“Ohh this storage area could use some organization units.  We’d have to buy those, honey.  This is unacceptable.” says the prospective home hoarder.  

“I sell things on ebay.  This area of the house is quiet profitable actually.” You lie, defensively.    

“Some people don’t know the BV secret: Baking Soda and Vinegar.  Gets all the sink grime.  All natural, too.”  The uppity homeless person in your house says.

“Ohh is it organic as well?” You ask snarkily.  

It’s best to just not be there.  Here’s 7 More Tips about Real Estate.  Here’s 4 words of advice.  But if you are so invested in selling your home (of course you are!) maybe you could stop wasting your time with hits to your boxed up ego… and do this… while you put your feet up at a coffee shop with no one bothering you….

Click here to be in the know about selling your home. 

Click here to know 6 mistake home sellers make.

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