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A Macro And A Micro Look At Renting Vs. Buying

28 Jul , 2016  

Let’s Think Big Picture, Then Zoom In. 

The ‘American Dream’…conjure all the images you can…it probably includes ownership of a house, a two-stall garage, 1.5 children…”I got it myself and it’s all mine” type of attitude. Then the man pats his boot straps with pride.

Maybe you have other ideas…read this interesting article on Nationwide Property Values. 

Is ownership actually economically better or it the image we prefer?

The word on the street is renting is more expensive than a monthly mortgage payment. Read this article on Grand Rapids Property Value. 

The housing collapse of 2008 is the ‘American Nightmare’ we’d rather forget.

In 2006 downloadhousing prices steadily dropped. You may have bought a house last year in a 30 year fixed rate mortgage, but the next year your couldn’t sell your house and pay the mortgage BACK. That’s what we call – underwater. By 2008 the prices dropped some more. When households couldn’t pay that already underwater mortgage payment – they went into default and foreclosure…

HARP was born…Home Affordable Refinance Program…in 2009. Using Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac people who were in default, about to lose their homes could instead refinance.

People who were not able or did not take advantage of the HARP program have to live somewhere. Renting it is, sometimes through a government assistance program called section 8.

The buzzword lately is “affordable housing”, which can be a misleading name because it doesn’t mean affordable for you, but it’s housing for those who could not afford housing. Using a tax incentive program for investors to finance the construction of rental properties called the LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credits)…in order to create more home for displaced people to live.

Let’s Think Micro, Here. 

Hudson-Evans_House_DetroitYou! What would be best for you! Here is an interesting way to figure out how much you can afford to pay per month to hold your living space… your annual income divided by 40. If I make 20,000 a year I can afford $500 in rent.

Owning seems like the ball is in YOUR court, and you have the control. Is that true? What about the very legitimate fear that you could go underwater in a mortgage? You can sort of be responsible for your employment. Ask someone who was let go if they had control, though. You cannot set the market value of your home, either. You do not control the appraisal, although you sure can DIY, hire professionals to steadily add value…(read some tips for a greener, heavenly home here)

Owning frankly is added responsibility. The pay off for being your own property manager happens when you sell the house. The assumption is, you pay the mortgage monthly and when you are ready to sell you make a profit.

Think of this way. Someone might be paying a mortgage on the house, but renting it to you. They want to make a profit so you pay more than their mortgage.

Then there’s this hang up called credit. Which you need a great score in order to even qualify for a mortgage. Good credit repair is out there…like the Sub Prime Credit Store…if owning is your dream!

Sometimes you get lucky and the owner wants to slowly transfer ownership over to you…which is where rent to own comes in.

Not new news, but you aren’t going to make a profit on your rent. You are excited enough just to get back your security deposit. Rent to own is different because all rent you pay is coming off the principal worth of the house.


It’s true that rent to own homes can be incredibly  hard to find. That’s what the Ultimate Rent To Own Home Program is here, for you!  

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5 Tips To Boost Your Credit Score #1 Pay all bills like a boss – on time! #2 Do not close old acc…

27 Jul , 2016  

5 Tips To Boost Your Credit Score

#1 Pay all bills like a boss – on time!
#2 Do not close old accounts because open lines of credit with low balances is a good thing and so is a longer credit history
#3 Speaking of, do not keep high balances on cards. 30% of your total credit line is as high as you ever want to get for an ideal score.
#4 Streamline your accounts. Spend on only 1 card? And put the rest in a safe place. This will ensure #1 happens.
#5 Know your score, and check annually. The three main credit bureaus are #Equifax, #Experian, and #TransUnion.

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How Rent-To-Own Works For You

11 Jul , 2016  

What Are Your Living Options?

a. Buy a house outright. The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17_with_transparent_background (1)

b. Buy a house slowly by being approved by a banking institution due to good credit. Put something down on a house and pay monthly mortgage payments.

c. Rent a house from someone else who had the privilege of (a.) or (b.)

d. Put something down on a house and pay monthly rent payments that come off of the total cost of the house. And when your credit is better, sign a mortgage and own it because you’ve earned the privilege.

e. None of the above. You live on the streets, in a tent, in a hammock, at your aunties or your grandma’s house that she (a.), (b.), (c.) or (d.)

What’s The Worst Case Scenario With Rent-To-Own?

27220081490_c9b5f4ca54_ba.  You want to move before your rent to own contract is up, and the money you put into renting could come off the cost of the house, but it doesn’t because rent will not transfer as back payment for a different location.

b. Your credit doesn’t improve despite the rental payment history added to your report maybe because you neglect your bills and leave items in collections and your credit doesn’t improve …and in 1-3 years you cannot buy the house, you have to keep renting-to-own…

c. You just rent while you repair credit to buy…and the money definitely goes in the black hole and you don’t “get ahead” to (a.) or (b.).

Pass the test. You HAVE to live somewhere. Somehow. Perhaps rent-to-own answers is your answer. Click here to find out. 

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Home Renting,Real Estate Market,Rent-to-Own Homes

Yes, Even a Reputable Dentist Can Commit #IDTheft From Right Under Your Nose This story will puzz…

29 Jun , 2016  

Yes, Even a Reputable Dentist Can Commit #IDTheft From Right Under Your Nose

This story will puzzle you — because it's ludicrous. Absolutely ludicrous. But it DID happen. And, luckily, the damage was minor, but this prove to you just how unexpected identity theft can be. You don't have to be a real "criminal" to commit to it.

You can be Dr. Richard Ludwig, a dentist making upwards of $4MM and with $250 in cash in pocket; yet this genius was absolutely dumb enough to steal a poor man's credit card accidentally dropped onto a parking lot after leaving the site and use it buy $40 worth of pizzas.

Of course, the unsuspecting victim found out that he was missing his credit card and then reported the plastic stolen. Yet the credit card company notified him that the card was already used. Needless to say, the victim reported the crime to the authorities and the cops showed up at the pizza place to find the dumb dentist Ludwig still waiting for his pizzas to bake.

Ludwig was apparently charged with three felonies, a consequence that could land him in jail for up to 15 years. All of that for just $40 worth of pizzas.

And he honestly could've paid for them himself!

8 Identity Theft Stories That’ll “Awaken the Force” in You

By now you’ll agree that the saga that is Star Wars is itself a number of identity theft stories rolled into one. That should tell you something!

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YOU Are A Better Owner For That House Than A Hedge Fund

28 Jun , 2016  

Personally, I love conspiracy theories. “There’s truth in everything.” It gives the our world the drama of TV without the glass between.

Here’s a juicy one: Hedge funds are going to own all the property and land, and will be landlord lords of all… playing hero through programs like HARP Program and in the name of economic growth! “Make America Great Again!” through the Federal Reserve lowering interest rates…meanwhile shipping jobs out, stagnating wages, increasing the cost of school, etc to hundreds of other aspects of life…and you get a mortgage in hopes that you’ll default. And the media distracts you with entertainment news and makes political news entertaining. And then convoluted, ambiguous fund who’s only rule is that an accredited (rich) person(s) need to be behind only 65% of that fund…read this article “What In The World Is Going On With Hedge Funds?”

Historically The Land Has Been In the Hands of The Baddest and Richest in The Land

Here is England’s historical social structure, for example.

The gist is: the nobles owned the land and the king told them what to do with it – add in the usual levels of corruption. The Knights fight for (or against some other) the king, and the gentry are educated with books written by the king(‘s people) and the serf or husbandman were RENTING the land and felt pretty good as long as there was some cottager (or child?) that they could boss around to ‘play king’. And then there’s the lowest, who own nothing and have nothing to do with it. This would be the Jesus type of character. And there, with new-to-you vocabular and contextualization, you have America! In 2016?

One guess who hold the trump card in this situation? There’s a really good hint within that sentence.

Here’s some news:Poker-sm-212-Ks (1)

Morning Agenda, Donald Trump Names Hedge Fund Manager as National Finance Chairman

Pull the wool over eyes:

Trump’s Tough Talk on Hedge-Funds Taxes Do Not Match His Plan

Wolves in sheep’s clothes:

Fundraisers Make Pitch For Trump At Hedge Fund Conference

Pull wool off the wolves, will you?:

Donald Trump Has Been Revealed

Okay – So the conspiracy theory is: Trump and his nobles are hedge fund investors with the wealth in their deep, hidden pockets and with the government’s support through popular property-buy-out programs… hedge funds can systematically buy all property and be the landlords of all.

This Land Is Your Land…This Land Is Maintained By Us All

The truth is probably somewhere in between. We probably won’t be in another dark age. But the caste system is alive and well, isn’t it?

As long as there’s Game of Thrones through the looking glass…

You! renting-to-own your own home is the best answer for this conspiracy theory.

Click here to do your part. 

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Why Rent To Own Homes Are Important

24 Jun , 2016  

After 2008, people had to really become creative when it came to housing. Rent To Own Homes were an amazing one of theses solutions because it allows you to “test drive” the home before you commit to buying it.

How it works is that the tenant rents the home for a certain amount of time. Say, a year, then when that time is up, they are given the option to purchase the home. Often, they will be paying the down payment for the house a little bit every month proceeding the purchase. That is a portion of their rent during those months of renting.

Why Rent To Ow8233501246_a74b552023_bn Is Important

  • You may also purchase the option to buy the property for a predetermined price at the end of your lease by putting down a payment. With this option in place, you are not bound to purchase at the end of the lease, but meanwhile, the property owner can’t sell to anyone else.
  • Plans like this can appeal to people with little or no savings for a down payment, or people with bad credit or no credit who don’t qualify for traditional mortgages. Including those who lost their homes in foreclosures.
  • Renting to own is also a way to get into a desired neighborhood in a timely matter. As with parents who need to be in school district for their kids, or people who are uncertain of their timeline. It’s a way to get into a house without committing to a 30 year mortgage.

What To You Do Next?Property

The Sub Prime Credit Store’s rent to own program helps you find a home, protects you legally, negotiates your lease, fixes your credit, helps you acquire a loan and close one that real estate. Lets just say it is the one-stop-shop for anything financial. So stop settling. Get into the home of your dreams.

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#AssistingRenters  Find out more about the #Vacancy  in #GrandRapidsMI !

18 Jun , 2016  

#AssistingRenters  Find out more about the #Vacancy  in #GrandRapidsMI !

Grand Rapids Home Values » Blog Archive » 5 Reasons Why Grand Rapids, MI, Real Estate Will Soar in 2016

We’re not simply talking about a trickle type growth in the Grand Rapids, MI, real estate market. Try national — at least that’s what Trulia states, a national real estate research firm, crunching the numbers in preparation for analysis of the 2016 housing market, and here’s the major scoop: …

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Everything You Need To Know About Rent-To-Own Homes

17 Jun , 2016  

Rent-to-own homes are a new and wonderful innovation in the real estate industry. Often Rent-To-Own homes are wonderful for people who normally may not get approved for a normal home loan. Buying a home through a rent-to-own agreement has become more popular in the aftermath of the 2008 financial meltdown. More people have been looking at creative solutions to buying a home. Find out if Rent-To-Own is the right option for you.

Time Frame For Rent-To-Own

  • The initial lease spans usually from a year to three years, giving you plenty of time to make a safe and well educated decision on your future home purchase.
  • Usually only one person can make the decision to purchase the home during the agreed lease period.

Trust A Professionalimages rent-to-own

  • As with all real estate, its important to make sure that all of the information that you are receiving about your new home, as well as the mortgage, insurance, etc. is clear and well defined. You don’t want to make a mistake that could effect you future in your new home negatively. So make sure to trust the people that definitely know what they are doing.

Keep Detailed Records

  • As with any financial transaction, its important to keep a detailed and specific paper trail. This will be helpful in your final purchase or showing the bank that you have made on time and consistent contributions to your rent or down payment.

Rent-To-Own Prices

  • The price that you initially agree upon with the owner of the home is locked in after signing the lease agreement for the time that you are renting.
  • For example, the house could be rented by its owner for a standard rent of $1,750. But when negotiating the rent-to-own contract, you and the homeowner can agree that you will pay $2,000 a month, with $250 as your home buying credit. At the end of a three-year lease, you’ll have $9,000 set aside. That money is returned to you at the time of settlement and can be used for your money deposit, down payment or closing costs.

Now that you have the information the information, think purely about the benefits that renting-to-download (3) rent-to-ownown could bring you!

  • Its easy to qualify. The seller dictates the qualifications, making it much easier for most people to qualify.
  • You can immediately occupy the home. After paying the lease fee, the buyer is free to move into the home without the normal home buying hoops to jump through.
  • You get to try  the home before purchasing. You have time (often years) between when you move in and when you purchase the home, making you more comfortable with the decision.
  • No property taxes. Until you have fully purchased the home, it is the seller’s responsibility to pay the property taxes.

With all of these benefits, it makes a lot of sense that the rent-to-own market has exploded in recent years. Don’t let this deal pass you by. Look at your options and take advantage.


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#AssistingRenters  Find out why as a home renter, you’re going to love the new green building move…

17 Jun , 2016  

#AssistingRenters  Find out why as a home renter, you're going to love the new green building movement that has been going on!

3 Reasons Why Green Building Builds a Better Home Today

Green building has always been pricey, but good for you. But would you believe us if we said that green building is more than just beneficial now?

Home Renting,Real Estate Market,Rent-to-Own Homes

#AssistingRenters  Find out why you’ll love #LisaArcher !

16 Jun , 2016  

#AssistingRenters  Find out why you'll love #LisaArcher !

Top 6 Google+ Posts About Real Estate Pinterest Boards

Listen: when you pack the power of Google+ viralness with the appeal of Pinterest, you’ve got some real estate Pinterest prowess at your fingertips!