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Shed Some “Light” on Your Home Staging Project

26 May , 2016  

Alright, it’s time to shed some light on this topic of ours. Home staging is tough, and you have to be able to do it the right way to get the sort of results you really want. Lucky for you, this is one of a few secret tips to staging your home in a way that will make it easy to sell!

The PIXAR Lamp?

Well, no, not exactly. But close! Lamps are a great way to help light up your room and stage your home in a way that will really bring in potential buyers.

A recommended dosage of lighting is said to be about one light fixture per 100 square feet of space. Not bad, huh? Adding a little bit of extra light into the room will brighten up your surroundings, and give definition and character to your home that it may have never had before!

Before you go out and buy a box full of lamps for your home, don’t go too crazy. Stay away from crazy colors or too fluorescent bulbs, and try and stick to using just regular, pure white lamp shades. Trust us, it’ll work.

To learn more about staging and selling your home, click right here!

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10 Innovative Ways to Sell My Home Fast

20 Apr , 2016  

We all know that real estate is a pain in the butt, and selling your home can become a hassle, but it doesn’t HAVE to be. Selling your home can be tricky at times, but there are some loopholes that can really push your home to be sold in no time at all! You may be thinking, “Well, I could hire someone to help me stage and sell my home…” but why spend money on someone who is going to do something you can do yourself! Perfecting your home can sometimes be tough, but if you do it right, it pays off.

I Want to Sell My Home, But I Don’t Know How…

Homeowners put so much effort into making their homes look spotless for the viewer, that a lot of the time, they look past everything else that is just as important and crucial to selling their home fast. Every tiny detail counts when it comes to making you home look appealing to anyone who walks through the front door. If you want your home to sell fast, and at the best price possible, here are 10 ways to stage your home the right way, to help sell your home:

  • Make Sure “The Price Is Right” – Too high? Too low? How about just right? You want to hit the price right on the head the first time through. Listing your home for the right price is key when it comes to selling your home.
  • Up Your Curb Appeal – How does this help me sell my home? Although the inside of the house is what sells, you have to make sure the outside is just as appealing. Simply adding flowers or cleaning up your front lawn can do wonders.
  • Perfect Your Interior and Exterior – Spice up the inside and outside of your home to give it a fresh new look! Putting on a fresh coat of paint or even adding a few new appliances can help your home go a long way.
  • The De’s (De-Clutter and De-Personalize) – Clutter and personal memorabilia are a sure fire way to turn off potential buyers to your home.
  • Stage With Structure – Utilize every nook and cranny of you home. If you have a spare room, designate it as a room with a purpose.home for sale-sell my home
  • Open Your Availability – Open yourself up to the idea of more availability. The more accessible you are, the greater chance of you reaching more potential buyers and offers.
  • Take Advantage of Online Listing – Not only should you be checking that your home is listed on major real estate sites, but on major social media platforms as well.
  • Provide Professional Photography – Do your best to avoid simple pictures, or even using your phone to snap pictures of your home. The higher the quality of the picture, the better. 
  • Sell Your Lifestyle – Sure, you’re just selling your house, but potentially buyers are interested in more than the home itself. Neighborhood, neighbors, and education in the area are important to buyers.
  • Pets and Paraphernalia – Finally, the saddest tip of them all. Make sure you get rid of any evidence of pets inside and outside of your home. As unfortunate as it is, potential buyers shouldn’t know that any pets even existed in your home.

But is this actually going to help me sell my home? Of course! The thing that people don’t realize is that a lot of little things go a really long way. You may not think that doing something like replanting a pot, or taking your drapes down, is very important, but that could be a make or break factor for potential buyers. To learn more about selling your home, click here!

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Generation X: Your Very Own Real Estate Mutant

8 Apr , 2016  

In homage of the new X-Men movie coming out, this is a must to go into detail on one of the most interesting demographics in the real estate market: Generation X (also known as Gen-X, or a Gen-Xer, or a Gen-exer).


Yeah, they’re cool. Gotta love the Gen-X crowd. But when it comes to real estate, there’s so much more to them than just fashion, fun and a pair of goggles. Check this out:

Four Things You Need to Keep in Mind When It Comes to Generation X

Of Course, Don’t Take It From Us: Take It From Quicksilver

Or Wolverine. Or Professor X. Time flies faster than Storm, and the real estate market’s no different. Stay abreast of the trends here, especially if you’re a gen-exer. You don’t want to get left behind when the Apocalypse hits.


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