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Watching Your P’s and Q’s as a Rent-to-Own Occupant

14 May , 2015  

The interesting thing about rent-to-own properties is how private and flexible they really are. There’s no specific basis for them, especially from a real estate broker standpoint. In fact, brokers and agents for the most part wouldn’t care too much about rent-to-owns, because there’s not that much in it for them. Typically, rent-to-owns are all about two parties, and that’s it: the rent-to-own occupant, and the owner. Because of that, there’s a lot of room for negotiation, but do be cautious.

Remember: as a Rent-to-Own Occupant, You’re Still Not Sharing Ownership of the Propertyrent to own checklist

You might even be completely solid on the fact that you will buy the property when the time comes. Even the contract will have an agreed-upon price and down payment after a set number of rent payments have been made. The landlord may know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you’re going to buy the property when the time comes. But you’re still a rent-to-own occupant. A tenant. And that means you don’t have the right to make decisions regarding the property without the owner’s approval.

So when asking the question — out of many questions to ask about rent-to-own — “can I just sell the house to somebody else and pay you the difference?”, know that you’re playing with legal fire in a big way, and you’re going to get burned.

Case in point: you don’t own the house, yet. You, therefore, can’t sell the real estate to anybody else.

One thing to know about your P’s and Q’s, though, is that your contract might allow you to rent out the property. You might even be allowed to hand over the rent-to-own agreement to somebody else, making that other person the rent-to-own occupant. It has to be in writing on the contract, though — or legally the landlord (owner) can simply say “no.”

Lots of P’s and Q’s to Worry About?

We can help, as we’re your rent-to-own consultants. You may be a rent-to-own occupant anytime soon, because you’re interested in the prospect. Just know that you have no P’s and Q’s running off; we’re constantly vigilant for you.

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  1. tamatha gillman says:

    Im very interested in your program…I paid the 49$ FEE

  2. Mario says:

    Heck yes. Totally agree. It’s a really good time to buy now. I also think that now is prlobaby one of the lowest prices you will ever see for a long time. cheers

  3. Kathleen Johnson says:

    320 Rocky Hill Ave.
    New Britain, CT 06051

    I understand this property might have been sold,. Is that correct? Otherwise I would be interested in this property. Please contact me on my cell phone 860-356-6364.

    • wpadmin says:

      Hello, Kathleen,

      Thanks for your inquiry, and you’re welcome to contact us at 888-920-4893 for more information about that address. That division can transfer you to the correct authority, and we’ll see if that address has been sold or not. Thank you.

  4. tinesha phillips says:

    Please contact me on how to get started.. 2705195773 looking for a three or four bedroom

  5. Richard says:

    I’m a disabled with a failed back surgery and I will be in SSDI until fixed. 30 years in the construction trades can I find a home in or close to Newport Harbor High school and I need a 3 bedroom asap, can I find a home by January?

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