Debunking the Rent-to-Own Home MythYour Rent-to-Own Consultants

Debunking the Rent-to-Own Home Myth

Why wouldn’t this idea of a rent-to-own be a myth? No one seems to know what it is! It’s a mythological creature. A fairy tale. Just a pipe dream. Isn’t there any wonder that some might even think the idea of a rent-to-own home is a scam? I know plenty who would be tired of all the dead-ends for rent-to-own homes, promised such a list of rent-to-own homes only to get the runaround, paying an arm and a leg just to view the details online. It makes to own mythology

Understand This, Though: These Scams Exist Because There’s No Support, No Assistance. No Education.

Rent-to-own does indeed exist. You just need the knowledge and understanding of how it works in the system, and not everyone — and for that matter, some real estate agents and brokers don’t care much for it either! — knows about how a rent-to-own home works! Until now….

We at Rent-to-Own Consultants can actually guide you, step-by-step, through every process regarding rent-to-own — from finding the rent-to-own home, to the contract negotiation, to credit repair, to actually closing on the property as a homeowner. And if you don’t think you need that type of service from us, here’s a checklist of what you might need to know before you even consider a rent-to-own home (that is, if you even find a listing, or even a free listing!)….

rent to own firefighterDo You Know Any of These Terms Regarding a Rent-to-Own Home Contract?


Ask yourself if you know exactly what these terms mean. If you don’t. If you’re just guessing, then brace yourself: you’re heading into a fire without the appropriate suit and water hose. Do you even know the answer to any of these questions?

  1. What Happens to Your Deposit If You Don’t End Up Buying the Home?
  2. What About Your Rent Credits? What Happens to Them?
  3. If Capital Improvements Are Completed on the Property, and You Don’t End Up Buying, What Happens?

That’s a lot of questions up in the air, a lot of balls up in the air, and I can guarantee you probably won’t be able to catch all of them. Going with a rent-to-own home is not easy. And you don’t want to get caught dropping one of those balls (especially if its a glass ball)….

We at Rent-to-Own Consultants Can Catch All Those Ballsrent to own balls

And the best part? We do it all for you — every single part of it — for a low, one-time payment of under $60. That’s it. We help you find that free list of rent-to-own homes (that “mythological creature”), we negotiate the contract for you, we set up the showing for you, so you can view the home beforehand, we help repair your credit while you’re living in the property, and then when the time comes for you to buy, we make sure you’re completely prepared for the biggest — and best — decision of your life.

Are you ready? What’re you waiting for? We’re even affiliated with the BBB A-rated H.O.P.E. to Own Program, so fill out your information right now, or just hit the BUY NOW button below. Debunk the rent-to-own home myth and make it a reality for yourself.

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