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The Role of a Rent-to-Own and Credit Restoration

14 May , 2015  

A lot of people don’t know this unless you’ve enrolled with the BBB A-rated H.O.P.E. Program: you can actually add your rent payments to your credit report! Shocking, right? The real estate industry is truly an evolutionary model in ways we all can’t imagine. This changes the game for many, particularly when dealing with a rent-to-own contract. You essentially get the best of both worlds….

One of the Best Benefits of a Rent-to-Own: Credit Repairrent to own credit repair

Sometimes known as credit restoration, the simple fact that you’re basically itemizing all of your rent payments onto your report will boost your score by leaps and bounds. That’s a good thing given the fact that you’re going to sign a lease contract to buy the home for a down payment, and with a possible 640+ score, you’re sitting pretty good on that pedestal, aren’t you?

Additionally, you could easily go with a firm like Lexington Law while you’re comfortably renting to get any negatives removed, not having to worry about home improvements (because the landlord will then take care of those!), and get your score looking even better than it will when the time comes for you to buy.

So Be Sure to Ask the Rent-to-Own Home Seller About Credit

You just might find that you’ll qualify even with bad credit. Because in the long run, as long as you’re making those payments, you’re benefiting tremendously through credit repair.

It’s important that you consult with us, your rent-to-own consultants, further about your situation. You never know: that rent-to-own home just might be the right fit for you. But you don’t go into it without the knowledge, understanding and application to negotiate the terms, because remember: ask the right rent-to-own questions, and you’ll get the best outcome. Sure, you’ll pay more out of pocket for rent each month, but that extra money’s going to go into that down payment when you buy, and you just might squeeze even more savings if your credit’s looking sweet.

Yes. Sweet like candy. And we all know that a rent-to-own is exactly like that: candy. GET YOUR CANDY RIGHT HERE.

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  6. Annalecia Holloway says:

    6108 46th avenue drive
    My name is Annalecia Nicole Holloway. I would love to join a programs to help me on the purchase of a home. I have some hurdles to overcome with credit issues. I will list them and maybe you can tell me it this just a waste of time
    1 my credit score is 611 (Credit Karma/trans union) FICO score is 665
    3. I was in a homebuyers club about 15 years ago or more, called Greenlight mortgage. I was able to buy a house for 59.000. My ex-husband with bad dealings and getting behind on payments, i eventually lost my house and it was foreclose in 2003? I lived in jacksonville Florida at this time. i have been living in Illinois for the last 13 years to present.
    4 I have school loans with accrued interest that totals over $60,000. they are all in deferment.
    5.I just recently got a loan of $6400, through a company called Avant. My payments are $293. per month for the next 3 years. My payments are current and on time.
    6 I have some collection accounts on my file
    7 I am divorced
    8 I am a student
    9 my current rent is $680 per month and will be increasing to $715 at the beginning of the year. All payments have been made on time. I have lived at my present address for five years.
    10 I have been on my job for 5 years and I make about $22,000 a year.
    11. I have many department store credit cards in my name. The balances are all paid on time and most of them have a $0 balance.
    Can someone like me qualify for a program. i have spoken one to someone at the Lexington Law office. I think his name is Nestor. I do not have the 99 dollar a month fee to pay. My email address where i can be reached for your response is i look forward to your advice or suggest. have a great weekend!

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  10. Miesha says:

    I was told by the representative that she would refer me to Linda and give her my number. I have not received any emails or call. I have the credit scores up to par. I’m working with Lexington right now! What’s my next step? 3236743436

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  26. Dorothy Hervey says:

    Need more information about the program still looking need help.

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