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Sometimes You Need Some Simple, Easy Rent-to-Own Home Resources

Most Prospective Renters and Home Buyers
Blink When They Hear or Read This Term….


Makes sense when you think about it, though…. But oddly enough, some are quite hesitant to explore rent-to-own home resources as an option for home ownership. Why? Why are so many so gun shy about considering a rent-to-own home? You’re either a tenant (apartments or college housing, etc. etc.), or you’re just a flat-out homeowner who took out a mortgage right off the bat.

There’s never any rent-to-own home resources out there, because they’re apparently not necessary. There’s no “gray area” here. No putting the two together. No need for any rent-to-own home resources at all! Therefore, it seems like the concept of a “rent-to-own” doesn’t exist. Shouldn’t exist. And this is where the norm isn’t the truth, because we’re so deeply ingrained in the natural system that’s been traversed for decades, thinking that the standard is to rent for a few years in an ‘apartment’ and then perhaps see if we can get a home mortgage when we’re ready to ‘upgrade’. I repeat:

What We’re Used to Doing Doesn’t Have to Be the Only Way to Go!rent to own puzzles

Rent-to-own combines the two concepts together. Like two puzzle pieces. It’s a lease option to buy, meaning you set up an agreement with the landlord to actually buy the property after a number of years of renting the real estate. Rent-to-own home resources would seek to find the listings offering that option and hopefully preparing you to make the best possible decision.

Sounds pretty flexible. Convenient even. There’s a reason, though, why you don’t find many of those FSBOs offering the option, or just flat-out properties put on the market as a straight rent-to-own. Negotiations get tricky — and oftentimes it’s such a simple situation that lawyers aren’t typically ‘needed,’ nor are agents. To save money on commissions and the like, you’re dealing with an owner (or renter) looking for a decent deal (or profit). There’s no mediator. Just you and the other.

The landlord typically is nothing more than another homeowner looking for a way to pay for a mortgage after moving into another home. What does a homeowner know about renting out property? Not much. A prospective tenant interested in perhaps seeking a home vs. an apartment wouldn’t know what to expect given there’s no third party involved. Essentially, in other words — there’s a learning curve here!landlord-tenant

Sounds pretty dangerous — and if both parties really don’t know what they’re doing, it can turn out bad. Think about it. There are contractual obligations for the ‘landlord’. What can the tenant (soon-to-be homeowner) can do with the property? Who knows. It all depends on the lease agreement. What should the landlord do? What should the tenant expect? So many questions, and not many answers at all….

And That’s Why Your Rent-to-Own Consultants Can Clue You in on Those Rent-to-Own Home Resources You’ll Need to Make This Move as Smooth as Possible

We have the answers. We offer the service. We’re consultants.

We’re not lawyers, so there’s no retainer to worry about. We’re not going to charge a few arms, legs and fingers either. All we do is help you not only find the rent-to-own home of your dreams, but negotiate with the landlord as well. Even schedule a showing for you to do a walk-through! We make the process as easy as possible, keeping you well-informed of what to expect of your rent payment, interest rate, and the down payment for your mortgage when it comes time for you to buy.

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